Go To Clover Club For The Classic Fall Cocktails, Stay For The Classic New York Fall Vibes

Discovering that Clover Club is named after “a select group of Philadelphia journalists who, from 1882 until the 1920s, met once a month at the Bellevue Hotel to drink and eat and talk” gives good context for the kind of establishment this is. (That, and said group’s motto: “Who enters here leaves care behind, leaves sorrow behind, leaves petty envies and jealousies behind.”) Indeed, the acclaimed Smith Street drinkery embodies all that such conjures: It’s a warm, welcoming spot with rich leather banquettes, smooth wood finishes, and even a roaring fireplace. And the nine section cocktail list is a destination in itself, ranging from the in-house take on classics like Negronis, Old Fashioneds and Manhattans to strong communal punches and frozen, Hawaiian-inspired drinks. What seals the deal? The sprawling digs and multiple rooms that make it very easy to drink and eat and talk just as the original namesakes did back in the day.