These Five Fun Lunch Spots Will Spark Midday Back To Work Joy

Did summer end before it even began? Feels like it. Like the parents of a publicly tantruming child, we’re not above a bribe. Let’s even put a positive PR spin on it and call it an incentive! In exchange for having to go back to work after a very, very short summer, here are a list of five fun lunch spots to check out with your team. Because one, delicious lunch, and two, the day is halfway over.

Sahadis (pictured)
Where it’s located: 187 Atlantic Avenue
Why we like it: It’s very authentic, very reasonably priced, and very delicious. Gather your team and grab some shareable containers of hummus, labneh, tabouleh and a pile of warm za’atar-dusted bread to eat picnic style in Brooklyn Bridge Park (it’s still beautiful out).

Caffe e Vino
Where it’s located: 112 Dekalb Avenue
Why we like it: The food is consistent, comforting and classic. And sometimes that’s all reassurance you need.

Cafe Paulette
Where it’s located: 1 South Elliot Place
Why we like it: Between the scenic walk and the French menu and wine list, it’s like tricking yourself into thinking you’re on a vacation in Paris.

Building on Bond
Where it’s located: 112 Bond Street
Why we like it: Creative vibes abound in this meeting place owned by Brooklyn-based design team Hecho Inc. Get those juices flowing.

Yaso Tangbao
Where it’s located: 148 Lawrence Street
Why we like it: Eating soup dumplings is a mind-body experience that requires being focused and present, so you forget about work for a minute. Also, they’re exquisite