Five Conveniences That Make Working in DTBK A Breeze

By now, Downtown Brooklyn has proven itself time and time again as a cultural, arts, and foodie destination. But, we’ve got to give credit where credit is due: It’s also got creature comforts on lock. Five of the most helpful hacks — from technology to transportation — are below.

The Apple Store
Everything you need to stay connected is just a ten-minute walk from The Wheeler.

The Subway Lines
Having twelve subway lines within a five-minute walk makes DTBK one of the densest subway services areas in the city. Manhattan is just 10-20 minutes away, depending where you’re going.

The Lunch List
A quick Yelp search for lunch yields over 160 results. And if those don’t work, Dekalb Market Hall‘s got forty food and beverage vendors under one roof, which means efficient lunches for teams who can’t agree on a cuisine.

The Grocery Options
With a Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sahadi’s (for specialty foods) and Greenmarket all within a ten-minute walk, stocking the work fridge or knocking out your shopping list after work is almost too simple.

The Proximity To Future Workforce
With 60,000 students in Downtown Brooklyn (more than Cambridge, Massachusetts == home to Harvard, MIT and the such – combined), the talent pool is huge. And, opportunities are everywhere because of programs like the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship.