Lift Is An Antidote To The Daily Grind, Where Everything (Including You!) Floats Away

The health benefits of sensory deprivation tanks are many: deep relaxation, meditation, exercise recovery and pain relief. When we visited Lift, a light and airy second floor floating space on Court Street with five tanks, owner David Leventhal educated us on an impressive number of alternative benefits as well. A former neighborhood dweller who “loved […]

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Go To Clover Club For The Classic Fall Cocktails, Stay For The Classic New York Fall Vibes

Discovering that Clover Club is named after “a select group of Philadelphia journalists who, from 1882 until the 1920s, met once a month at the Bellevue Hotel to drink and eat and talk” gives good context for the kind of establishment this is. (That, and said group’s motto: “Who enters here leaves care behind, leaves […]

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For Smart Glasses Brand North, A Chance To Be At The Intersection Of Tech And Design

The growing team behind North, an eyewear company that aims to make smart glasses stylish and functional, began five years ago with three goals: “To make a pair of smart glasses look like regular glasses, to create an experience that is useful and intuitive (not overwhelming or distracting) and to build a different kind of […]

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