This Thanksgiving, Bring Home Something Sweet From One Girl Cookies

Once a year, in November, all the women in Dawn Crofton’s family prepare pounds and pounds of fig cookies. It is only fitting, then, that all of the cookies at One Girl Cookies, the bake shop Dawn owns with her husband Dave Casale, have female names. (Think Lucia and Penelope.) Now that you’re inspired to hug your grandma at Thanksgiving, here’s the scoop on what sweets you should be bringing home from the charming old-world bakery on Dean Street. The bite-size cookies are meant to feel like “dessert tapas” — in that eating more than one won’t leave you feeling too heavy — so the team suggests “budgeting” four cookies per person, and going one of two routes.

1. Pick up a box of signature cookies. The classic collection includes six of their original favorites, like a butter cookie with apricot preserves and an oat cookie with crystallized ginger, while the chocolate collection nails it with chocolate mint ganache between two sugar cookies, and a chocolate cookie sandwich filled with raspberry jam (among others).

2. Opt for a box (or two, or ten) of whoopie pies. You shouldn’t have to choose between dense chocolate or pumpkin cake with a layer of cream cheese frosting in the middle, so get plenty of both.