Glassblowing at Urban Glass Is the Art Outing Your Team Needs

One visit to Urban Glass — an iconic art studio, gallery and store on Fulton Street — can yield many things: You could discover a new favorite glass artist, or leave with the beginnings of a glass collection, or attend a private two-hour glass-blowing experience with your team. We talked to Urban Glass Executive Director Devin Mathis to uncover the mystery of the medium. 

What sets glass-blowing apart?
“It’s the only art form that uses inflation to create it. It’s very ancient and primitive.” 

Over 380 professional designers pass through your impressive studio each year. What’s the best way for a novice to get involved?
“We offer private demonstrations for up to 40 people as well as 2-hour instructional glassblowing classes.” 

Tell us about the shop on the first floor.
“It’s always changing, highly curated. At the moment we are showcasing 110 artists, with most pieces being made upstairs in our studio. Urban Sparkle, our annual winter exhibition features the works of five artists — James Akers, Mary Ancel, Bianca Abreu, Penelope Rakov and Luisa Restrepo – and their approach to wearable glass.”