Gather All Your Home Baked Thanksgiving Essentials at the Only Brooklyn Outpost of Amy’s Bread

Amy’s Bread opened up shop in Hell’s Kitchen in 1992, and became an overnight New York institution. For good reason, too: Founder Amy Scherber’s breads and desserts are all handmade, nuanced and delicious. And now, they’re all on offer in the same neighborhood as The Wheeler, a location Amy chose for several reasons. “We always try to be part of a neighborhood,” she says. “We want to provide a place where people can relax and eat with friends, or get away from the crazy city and enjoy a quiet moment with a treat and a cappuccino. My husband, Troy Rohne, who runs the company with me, was the one who found the space. He deserves all the credit for finding and pursuing it.”

We asked her a couple of pressing questions, and she graciously answered, below.

Q: Three essential baked goods to bring to Thanksgiving. Go.
A: Pumpkin pie (of course), soft Parker House dinner rolls, and my favorite, the pumpkin pecan knot — a delicious loaf of bread made with pumpkin, cornmeal, spices, pecans and a bit of honey. It is wonderful warmed up as a snack or with the meal.

Q: What’s the best bread for Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches?
A: We love to make turkey sandwiches on semolina raisin fennel, but if you would like a more traditional sandwich, try organic country white pan loaf or our whole wheat with five grains for a whole grain option. They all make a great sandwich with turkey, stuffing and anything else you want to add.

Q: Speaking of leftovers, how should we store any remaining bread for optimal freshness?
A: Whatever you don’t eat on the day you buy the bread should be wrapped in plastic. Store it at room temperature. To refresh, preheat a toaster oven or regular oven to 375, sprinkle the bread with a little water, and place it in the oven for about 5-6 minutes until it is heated up. It will be soft inside and crusty outside.

Q: You’re a pioneer in the world of fresh baked breads and many purveyors have followed in your footsteps — what sets you apart from the rest?
A: We try to keep doing new things, but stay true to what we are known for — sourdough bread, amazing layer cakes, handmade breakfast pastries, scones, and healthy and delicious sandwiches. It requires relentless attention to detail, training, a positive spirit and a great team to help make it possible. The skill and knowledge it takes to make good bread is something that takes time to learn, and as a baker, you never stop learning. And I think that you need to put a little love into everything you make.