Find Your New Desk (Or Dining Table) (Or Bed) at CounterEv, A Reclaimed Furniture Company With Brooklyn Roots

Furnish your office or home during your lunch break at CounterEv, a reclaimed-wood furniture shop situated just steps away from The Wheeler. Founder Jim Malone first showed his designs at the Brooklyn Flea back in 2008, and today offers custom, sustainable furnishings that you order in store and get in home a mere four weeks later. (Talk about a #workinglunch.) Jim has no formal woodworking or design training — he was, in fact, a successful producer of Saturday morning cartoons for many years — yet this hasn’t stopped him from converting salvaged wood from bowling alleys all over the United States into tables, beds, chairs, and, yes, counters. You may, in fact, have already eaten off a CounterEv table if you’ve ever dined at Shake Shack, one of their corporate clients.

Q: Are you ever worried that eventually you’ll run out of bowling alley wood?
A: Friends and family have asked me that a lot, especially in the beginning. But supply has risen to meet demand.

Q: Why did you open in Downtown Brooklyn?
A: When City Point opened, their goal was to host the first retail locations of the companies they chose. …and my family and I live close by in Fort Greene.

Q: Where is this furniture made?
A: Our factory is in Kingston, NY. We have another showroom/store in Catskill, NY, where I helped build my own log home, which is where the love affair with woodworking, craftsmanship and design began.

Q: What products are you most excited about at the moment?
A: Our extension tables, which go from 62” to 92”, are great for the holidays. Same for our small gifting items (like the salt holder and candlesticks) that are 100% made from wood scraps.

Q: Do you bowl?
A: No, but I know a lot about bowling alleys.