Refresh Your Home (Or Office!) For Summer At Layla

Indian and central Asian home goods shop Layla was ahead of its time in many ways: Back in 2001, it was one of the first retail stores to open on a then-sleepy stretch of Atlantic, and it began peddling a specific type of high-end bohemian decor long before other interiors shops followed suit. Owner and former fashion stylist Alayne Patrick has a wealth of design knowledge and her customers take full advantage. On a quick recent visit, she and her team fielded questions from one homeowner wondering about a complementary color palette for her newly renovated bathroom, and another who was unsure about the correct tablecloth length for her upcoming dinner party. And then we added a few questions of our own:

Q: What are a few easy ways to ready your home for summer?
A: Fresh new towels, napkins and/or tablecloths, and a summer weight bedcover in any of our fun colors and prints.

Q: What about one’s wardrobe?
A: Add a handloom cotton scarf, a woven leather basket handbag or any of our Layla printed summer dresses.

Q: Your designs are stunning. What’s your process like?
A: It begins through my travels, art, nature or just feeling drawn to something I remember that feels relevant for the time. I have a backlog of ideas and notes and the work happens when I feel like I can pull it all together to become a story.

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