Five Fantastic Al Fresco Spots To Hit Up After Work

It’s a proven fact* that the longer a New Yorker has to wait for summer, the better the outdoor restaurant and bar options get each year. With the greatest season of all finally upon us, we present our short list of outside imbibing destinations in and around DTBK.

Kimoto (216 Duffield St) — Location, location, location. Kimoto is right on top of the Sheraton Hotel smack in the middle of Downtown Brooklyn, close to every subway ever. There’s an amazing poke bowl — and an even better view.

Elsa (136 Atlantic Ave) — Seasonal cocktails, string lights, bistro tables, and great drinks specials from 5-7: Their recipe for a great evening is on par with their excellent mixology.

Livingston Manor (41 Hoyt St) — It’s pretty much right downstairs from The Wheeler, the sidewalk countertop bar makes people-watching so simple, and the snacks are very shareable.

Pilot (Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park) — It’s an oyster bar. On a boat. Make a reservation to beat the line.

Rooftop of The Wheeler (181 Livingston St) — Well, soon anyway. There will be zero commute to the sprawling, landscaped terrace with plentiful food and beverage options, making this the true no-brainer of the bunch.

*This may not be true.