PSA: The Lemon Bundt Cake At Betty Bakery May Make You Cry

We came to see if the lemon bundt cake stood up to its accolades. It did! What we discovered is that the team at Betty Bakery is excellent at baking everything else, too. From the rainbow sprinkle-dotted Twinkies to the cartoon-covered ring dings, the team is beyond skilled at putting a modern twist on beloved baked classics. With that in mind, we fired some important questions at owners Dakota Smith and Zeke Mandel over rugelach, carrot cake and yes, the lemon bundt cake.

Q: ’Tis the season for Easter gatherings, breaking fast and spring brunches: Advice on which sweet treats we should, as guests, be bringing to stand out from the rest?
A: A box of small cookies or petit fours, the unicorn cupcakes, or our cake pops.

Q: Any alternatives for the standard office birthday “conference room cupcakes”?
A: Our ring dings, our Twinkies, and our carrot cake.

Q: Perfect place to sit outside on a break while enjoying a Betty Bakery treat (or three)?
A: Cobble Hill Park on Henry and Pacific, or Pier 6 — straight down Atlantic from our shop, with great waterfront views.

  • Betty Bakery
    448 Atlantic Ave Between Bond and Nevins
  • bettybakery.com
    (718) 246-2402