Saint Julivert Fisherie Is Our New Go-To Spot For Weeknight Drinks And Small Bites

From the owners of — and adjacent to — Michelin-starred La Vara, Saint Julivert Fisherie is a small but mighty restaurant with chilled and cooked seafood delights. Influenced by seaside living and dining (and drinking), say the owners, they’re hoping for a ports-of-call vibe. If we were popping in tonight, we’d start with the Cantabrian Anchovies, an impossibly delightful pairing of (yes) anchovies, and vanilla butter. Then we’d move on to the Pickled Wild Shrimp, the Raw Scallop tacos, and the Avocado-Crab Spoon-Salad, served in a hollowed out avocado shell with homemade fried crackers.

The drinks are inspired, too. Whether you order the cocktail serendipitously named The Wheeler, made with rum, lime, shiso, and egg white, or the Puerto Escondido, made with mezcal, beet, grapefruit and jalapeño, or one of their many delicious natural wines, you’ll be treated to not just a meal, but an experience.

And do yourself a favor and sit at the bar: It runs the length of the restaurant and offers great people-watching, bartender-chatting, and peeping at other people’s orders for inspo.