Head To Collyer’s Mansion To Liven Up Your Home or Desk This Winter

Mauri Weakley and Ben Heemskerk opened Collyer’s Mansion — an eclectic little shop on Atlantic stocked to the brim with cool, quirky home decor — in 2012. And we mean stocked to the brim: The shop was named after the Collyer brothers, arguably history’s most famous hoarders. This playful approach is a theme throughout the space, showing up in everything from papier-mâché flamingo heads to neon-accented Moroccan rugs. So, should you be looking to defy the grey days of winter by jazzing up your home or office, this is your spot. Below, a handful of ideas plucked straight from the shop floor.

–  A lacquer tray by Carly Beck to catch your keys, pens and/or phone.
–  A house-made throw pillow — or three! — to add a new vibe to your sofa or bench.
–  A piece of art — or a whole gallery wall — created by a rotating list of independent artists.
–  Washi tape to bring color to your humdrum documents.
–  A small Beni Ourain rug, woven with rainbow of hues to give your space what feels like a complete, instant makeover.

  • Collyer’s Mansion
    179 Atlantic Ave, Between Clinton and Court
  • shopthemansion.com