Go To At Your Beat Studio To Get In Shape — And Learn Some Sweet Moves

If you’ve resolved to get in shape this year, think outside the gym: At Your Beat — a hip London dance workout studio that just opened in DTBK — has a class for you, whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro. Experiencing first-timer nerves? We got the inside scoop from Frida (a popular instructor who showed off a few of her signature moves) and Lincoln (front-of-house extraordinaire).

What if I haven’t danced before?
“Most members have just started dancing, and their progress is insane!”

Ok. What class should I take?
“The most popular class for guys is Jordan’s VideoBEAT, while the girls are loving StrutBEAT and FitBEAT.”

What do I wear?
“Come dressed in whatever makes you feel great and lets you move freely.”