Let Neighborhood Italian Joint Fortina Set The Tone For Your Next Company Dinner

Despite the restaurant’s bustling location (under City Point next to Dekalb Market), Fortina has the power to transport you from NYC to Italy — to the kind of tiny, family-run spots Italy is known for, to be exact. Think: Lots of red sauce, waiters who all but order for you, unpretentious wine lists and family-style tables — and portions. Here’s what to get when you go. Because you should go.

Start with the creamy Burrata (prepared seasonally), Arancini (with a hint of sesame), fried mozzarella (just like you want it to taste), and Giardiniera (pickled vegetables to cut all the fat and dairy).

Next: On to the pizza course. Get the Luigi Blanco (burrata, robiolona, parmesan, black truffle) because it is gorgeous and delicious. Get the Tenderoni (tomato, spicy sopressata, mozz, chili oil, honey) and get the “The Original” Famous Rays Pizza (marinara, shredded mozz, oregano) because you respect the classics.

The fresh pasta can’t be missed, either. Nor will it be — because, before you know it, your waiter will bring you the perfect order: Wood-fired paccheri (béchamel “a la vodka” baby veal meatballs, parm), fusilli (tomato, onion, smoked bacon, chili, pecorino) and a creamy, tangy dish simply called spaghetti (lemon, black pepper, pecorino, sesame).