Shake Up Your Morning Coffee Routine at Devoción

There’s nothing wrong with ordering a cup of coffee at Devoción, the breeziest cafe in Downtown Brooklyn (and Williamsburg, and Bogota). But why would you, when you could shake things up instead? Here are three things to try instead of (or, in addition to) your standard order, from some of the freshest beans in the business (they boast ten days from harvest to cup):

1. A cortado. Made from equal parts espresso and warm milk, it’s served in a small glass and best enjoyed in the cafe. Consider it a reason to slow down, even for a few minutes.

2. Sparkling cascara. For a smaller dose of caffeine we insist on this beverage for your afternoon pick-me-up; it’s essentially dried coffee cherry tea steeped in soda water and poured over ice, and it’s a very unique, refreshing and energizing experience.

3. A guava croissant. A beautifully striped and mildly sweet take on a classic.