Soup In The Summer Is Totally Fine (When It’s Soup Dumplings from Yaso Tangbao)

The term “fast casual” gets thrown around the NYC food scene often these days. Almost as much as the word “authentic” — but the Shanghai street-style eats at Yaso Tangbao is as authentic (and delicious!) as fast casual gets. The three friends and their mentor (or, “yaso,” which translates to uncle) are native Shanghainese and cook the kind of food they miss from home.

Get the pan-fried crispy pork and chive stuffed yeasted soup dumplings and grab a spot at one of the long, communal wooden tables. Also, the sauerkraut spring rolls. Oh, and the pork belly meatballs. Don’t sleep on the garlic cucumber salad or the cold noodles, either. Now we’re homesick for this food, come to think of it.