Bastille Away Your Lunch Hour At This Local French Spot

Bastille Day is July 14. To celebrate the French national holiday (and, when good food and even better drink is involved, why not celebrate?), head to Bar Tabac for lunch. The corner on which the French bistro sits is sometimes referred to as “Little France,” according to owner George Forgeois. Come Bastille Day, the folks at Bar Tabac will close down a portion of Smith Street, cover it in sand and set up the largest pétanque tournament in North America. French-y cocktails (and rosé, mais oui!) will be flowing, live music will fill the air.

Some insider menu picks from George:

Get La Vie En Rosé (fresh grapefruit juice, St. Germain, Rosé Champagne, and a sprig of rosemary) or a French Negroni (Gin, Lillet White and Suze).

If you order rosé, make sure it’s from the Côtes de Provence.

Get the moules frites with extra fries, and eat at an outdoor table for optimal breezy Parisian vibes. Forgeois says the trees on his corner are the best in the neighborhood.

Laissez le bon temps rouler, indeed.