Robert Bar Is A Downtown Brooklyn Favorite For Good Reason

Robert Bar is a neighborhood bar by design, not by accident. It’s a bar that aligns itself with the ever-evolving Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood, and the mix of longtime locals and new folks that populate it. It’s a bar that sees some people sipping on an after work beverage on some evenings, and other people dancing to a DJ late into other evenings. It’s a bar that serves a cold Budweiser as cheerfully as it does a specialty house craft cocktail (of which there are many). It’s a bar that has a ceiling covered in over 4,000 dominoes, some of which, much to the owners’ chagrin, are beginning to fall off, one by one.

In short? It’s a bar that perfectly represents Downtown Brooklyn as it is now: Newly developed (it opened 2.5 years ago), innovative (those cocktails! the decor!), and the place to be.